Best Waist Trainer
Size - S

Best Waist Trainer | The Mia Sexy Sweat Release

Best Waist Trainer-The Mia Sexy Sweat Release

Pretty in Pink with a tad bit of Risque'

Trendy and offering all the remarkable features of our other collection, this garment is specially designed with a feature that allows sweat to vaporize through the tiny holes. You can sleep in this garment, wear it casually under loose-fitting clothes, work out and even add a little bedroom excitement.  

Try something new, something you haven't heard your girls chatting about.   We know exactly what you're thinking... What's the point of wearing a 'Sexy Garment' if you're going to take it off.   We're glad you asked, you're the ultimate prize so your man will like this different kind of enticement. This waist trainer for women gesture extends an invitation to intimacy from anything sexy that you wear. 

Don't mention to your Boo you purchased a different kind of Sexy accessory.  Simply change into your Mia Sexy Pink Best Waist Trainer, it will enhances your Ass'Sets , no bra needed. You can wear a sexy thong and high heels to tickle his fancy. Men find high heels attractive because they make a woman arch her back.  I suggest one of two things,  walk into the room with a glass of wine wearing your Pink tease ensemble, or sprawl out on the bed, so his jaw drops when he enters the bedroom. Last but not least don't forget to remind him he's a lucky, lucky man. 


To attain the SNATCH Effect we suggest 2 garments. One for exercise, one for a back up if your other garment isn't clean.

Color: PINK 

Sizes: Medium - 3X