Magic Tea

Peach Cobbler Fruit Elimination | Magic Tea

Slim Tight Magic Tea contains organic fresh fruit. Contains no preservatives. Effective. Safe. Will not cramp tummy. 

No Caffeine.   

 Peach Cobbler is a blend of Peach Flavored Tea, dried Mango Fruit, and Honey Crystals. Our teas are all-natural, with no additives, and no caffeine.  

 Slim Tight Waist Fruit Elimination Tea is a special Tea to assist you in reaching your goals and getting things moving.  Stay active, staying mindful of what you eat and small changes will make the difference in losing unwanted pounds and inches off your waistline.

IF you have realistic expectations our Fruit elimination will assist you on your journey. Our 14 Day  Elimination will require you to give up sodas, and sugary drinks and eat a sensible diet.  Low-calorie meals are always the best. Limit fast food as much as possible.

Peach Detox Tea Benefits:

 Addresses your overall concerns by removing the bad stuff that normally accumulates which helps to remove excess waste.  Renewing your digestive tract helps remove harmful build-up that can cause break-outs and helps shrink your midsection.