Pineapple Tea
Pineapple Tea
Pineapple Tea

Pineapple Tea | Juicy Pineapple Gut Tea

What is Pineapple Tea?

Pineapple Fruit Tea is good for your gut, it is rich in fiber and therefore, aids in digestion. Pineapple cleanse is a blend of Pineapple Flavored Tea, Dried Pineapple Fruit, and Honey Crystals. Our teas are all natural plant based with no additives and no caffeine. Slim Tight Waist Fruit Tea is a special  probiotic tea to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. Moderate exercise, staying mindful of what you eat and small changes will make the difference in losing unwanted pounds and inches off your waistline.

Pineapple Tea Benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Improve your mood and relieving the anxiety
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve metabolism by reducing inflammation
  • Maintaining bone health
  • Helps to prevent premature aging and chronic diseases

14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results 

Our 14 Day herbal slimming tea will require you to give up sodas, sugary drinks and eat a sensible diet.  Low calorie meals are always the best. Limit fast food as much as possible. Pineapple can improve your digestive health and also save you from stomach ailments. Fibers are also great for boosting your metabolism.

Slim Tight Waist Pineapple Tea is ideal for someone who has realistic weight loss expectations.  This Fruit Cleanse will help jumpstart your weight loss journey. Our special blend of all natural ingredients helps to increase energy levels without crashing or straining! Help reduce bloating, remove unwanted toxins, promote healthy digestion, and help flatten your stomach.  Cleaning your digestive tract also helps to remove harmful bacteria that cause acne and helps remove inches off your waistline. 


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